The Whistler's Whistling Workout for Birds ®
Serious whistling training CDs for capable birds!
How well can your bird whistle?
Some exotic birds can whistle tunes musically. A few can whistle surprisingly well. Once in a while there is a bird who really excels at whistling musically. When you hear it you will love it and never forget it.

The Whistler's Whistling Workout for Birds is the best bird training CD on the market. Can your bird learn to whistle a tune? Quite likely the answer is "yes", for many birds are natural whistlers.

That's why internationally known professional whistler and recording artist Robert Stemmons has recorded several volumes of "The Whistler's Whistling Workout for Birds". These easy to use CDs are designed to train birds to become the best whistler they can!
Give your bird the chance to display its natural whistling talent!
Robert Stemmons The Whistler performed for six years as "The Loyal Whistler" (a whistling ringmaster) with Cirque du Soleil in their touring production "Corteo". More info
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